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Great Dog Breeds for Seniors

A dog can be a companion for someone who lives alone, has lost a loved one, or has kids who have grown up and moved away. Whatever the reason, dogs can be the missing piece to filling our lives with as much love as possible. With the recent pandemic, scientists have said that a person needs no less than four hugs a day. This is because of the de-stressing benefits the pressure gives to us. We also experience anxiety, as do dogs, and physical touch is an immune booster.

What you may be thinking is can you possibly care for a dog on your own if you are a little frailer. Or maybe you aren’t sure if you can commit to the responsibility. The good news is that there are dog breeds that can be great additions to a family or older person’s life that are less high maintenance and that will give love unconditionally. Here are some of the best dog breeds for seniors.

corgi dog breeds for seniors


Corgi dog breeds are loveable and intelligent, yet they are independent. They have a short disposition and enjoy walks every day. They are also easy to train, but they do shed quite a bit. Corgis have a friendly temperament and usually live over ten years.

pomeranian dog breeds for seniors


These dog breeds are smaller in shape, which is perfect for sitting on laps. They love going for walks and can be a little feisty with other dogs. Poms are easy to train and will remain loyal to you as their BFF. They are good indoor dogs; however, they do shed a good amount…but look at that face!

pug dog breeds for seniors


Pugs are very affectionate dogs and they will be devoted to you. They are usually quiet and friendly with other people, and they can bring a little spark to your life. This breed, because of their size, would live fine in small apartments. This lapdog sheds so keeps that feather duster around.

Yorkshire terriers dog breeds for seniors

Yorkshire Terriers

The Yorkies are small dogs with big attitudes. They love laying on your lap and taking long walks. Yorkies are loyal and are a watchdog for their loved ones, which is why they are on the list of top companion dog breeds. They are playful, require some grooming, but do not shed a lot. Yorkies live long lives and would make a great companion for older people. They'll stay by your side and keep you company.

When you decide on your new companion, check out the training classes we offer at Thousand Hills Pet Resort and Gentle Touch Pet Training. We can help you and your new pet bond positively and learn new tricks!


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