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Benefits of Freeze Dried Food for Your Pet

If you’ve been to the store lately, you may have noticed a freeze dried option for your pet to enjoy. To help you decide if this is a good food for your dog or cat, here are some points to consider.

Better Nutrition

Freeze dried food is a blend of raw ingredients that have undergone the freeze-drying process. This process removes all the moisture from the food at a lower temperature. The resulting food has all the benefits of raw foods. Unlike other processing methods, freeze dried food retains all the nutritional value of raw food, making it quite beneficial for your pet.

If you purchase commercially freeze-dried raw pet food it will not contain any pathogens. This is because companies who freeze dry food use the freshest meat possible. The food is tested for pathogens and most brands also do a high-pressure pasteurization process to rule out any pathogens. However, it is always a good idea to look into the brands that you are buying to make sure that they meet your personal quality standards.

Better Shelf Life

Freeze dried food has all its moisture removed and is then packed air tight. The resulting food is not in contact with moisture or oxygen, so it stays fresh. This drastically improves its shelf life and nutritional value. The freeze drying process does change the texture of the food, but adding just a little bit of water will revive it.

Beneficial for Health Conditions

Feeding a pet freeze-dried food gives them the utmost in nutrition. This, in turn, helps them to maintain their health.

Vets Advice

You should check with your vet to assess if a freeze dried diet is right for your pet. Pets can be allergic to amino acids or some ingredients in the diet. Also, if your pet requires special diet supplementation this may not be in the food.

In short, a freeze dried diet offers exceptional nutrition for your pet. Consulting your vet can help you decide if it is right for you and your pet.


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