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6 Reasons Your Dog Follows You Around

That little shadow, that heartbeat at your feet feels the need to mirror your every step. Do they follow you everywhere as you move throughout the house? Have you ever wondered why? We’ve got you covered! Below are some of the reasons your dog follows you around.

That Human-Canine Bond

Dogs are naturally social animals and they enjoy the company of humans! A big factor that aids in human-canine bonding is the rise in oxytocin levels both dogs and humans experience from being close to each other. Your dog feels happy and safe being around you!


If the sights outside the window dwindle, or the dog toy gets stale, your dog can get bored. A bored dog needs enrichment or he may cause some mischief to provide entertainment. By following in your steps he can survey his environment as well as maybe prod you into a walk.


Dogs can be anxious, nervous, or fearful. The best way to alleviate these feelings is to be around the human they trust. Separating from you only adds to their anxiety. Being with their human helps them to feel secure and safe. So, you gain a shadow.

Snack Reinforcement

Your dog, being an intelligent pup, has likely figured out that being with you ups their chances of getting a tasty treat. This goes double when you wander into the kitchen where they know they can sample dinner from what falls on the floor. Canine kitchen helpers are the most steadfast kind.

Breed Helpers

Some dog breeds have been bred for centuries to work very closely with humans. The herding group and the working group include breeds that are especially attuned to their owners' cues and being by their sides.

A Subtle Clue

Some dogs might be following you around for something as simple as needing a potty break. We might just miss the clues. Or it could also be something more serious like a dog who doesn’t feel well. A dog who suddenly begins to follow you may have a medical issue.

More Serious Clues

If your dog suddenly starts to follow you and exhibits different behavior they may have a medical issue. If they are moving slowly, moaning when getting up or down, are sensitive to touch, are not eating, or have changes in pottying habits you need to seek a vet.

Most of the time your dog shadows you just because they want to be near you. It is usually not a cause for concern. But be aware of these signals to problems for you and your pup to maintain that healthy bond!


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