Relationship Centered Training

"It's all about the Relationship"



Do you want your dog to tell you what they need or want?


We can teach you and your pet how to understand each other and become great communicators!

Thousand Hills Pet Resort offers private training sessions for you and your dog.


For private lessons, our canine educator will work with you to teach your dog.

The canine educators use Bond Based Choice Teaching, which means no aversive training methods.



Build Your Dog's Confidence


Increase Reliability


Reduce Stress

Bond Based Choice Teaching


The Bond-Based Approach is an entirely new philosophy based on social learning in which we build strong relationships with our dogs through bond-building exercises.  Secure bonds enable dogs to learn quickly and willingly, resulting in more reliable and confident dogs and happier owners.  Bond-Based Choice Teaching® is the methodology that put The Bond-Based Approach into action.  It helps build great relationships based on mutual respect, trust, understanding and care.  Bond-Based Choice Teaching is easy, fast, effective and fun for both the owner and the dog.


Learn more about Bond Based Choice Teaching by visiting their website

Meet Our Canine Educator Rosa Mendoza

At 17 years old Rosa became interested in service dogs. She participated in a high school elective class for 2 years for the Assistant Service Dog Educational Center. After completing her general education classes at Sacramento State, she transferred to Bergin University of Canine Studies. Rosa graduated from the Assistance Education Associates of Science in 2012. She then went on to earn a Bachelor of Science in Cynology (the study of canines) in 2014, also from Bergin University.

Private Teaching Rates

  • Group Orientation: $20.00

  • 3 Week Private Training Package: $250.00

    • 60 Minute Orientation with our Trainers

    • Two 60 Minute Training Sessions

    • 3 Follow-up Phone Consultations

  • Additional 60 Minute Private Training Session: $87.00

  • Additional Phone Consultation: $30 per 30 Minutes

  • In Home Training is Available on a Case-by-Case Basis,

  • Please Contact Us for More Information

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